Solar Power For Your Cannabis Grow

Affordable, discreet solar energy solutions for the Savvy Grower and Ganjapreneur.
Solar Options
  • Solar Cannabis Home

  • Solar Cannabis Warehouse

  • Solar Cannabis Greenhouse

  • A Thousand Words

  • NorCal's Finest

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Technical Features
  • Trash your electric bill

    Eliminate wasteful spending and reduce carbon emissions. Say no to high electric bills.

  • Send a smoke signal

    Contact us now to get an initial quote by phone and talk about solutions. All you need is your electric bill. No personal information is necessary.

  • Custom solutions for every grow

    Solar power for your home, warehouse, and greenhouse cannabis grow. From rooftop solar to ground mount solar, we've got you covered.

  • Chips are stacked in your favor

    The cost of solar has come down 80%. With government incentives and low interest financing, solar is always cheaper than the power company. Period.

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Solar Grows is honored to be first in pioneering solar energy services to the masses of savvy California Cannabis Growers and Ganjapreneurs. We provide full solar energy consultations at no cost. Discreet installations are done through our non-cannabis branded, sister solar contractor company. Our expert team of old heads will give you the newest solutions in powering your cannabis grow with clean green renewable energy and show you how to save money doing it. Contact us now for your free consultation. Get a Quote